Tips for Saving Money Through Couponing

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Using coupons can shave dollars off your grocery and household expenses. The trick to using coupons is to pair them with sales to get the best prices. Coupons are more popular than ever and can be found in many places.

  • Where To Find Coupons

The Sunday paper normally has two or three coupon inserts every week but coupons can also be found in magazines and the internet. Many companies will email coupons on a regular basis when you sign up on their website. There are also internet forums on couponing which give invaluable tips. Coupon clipping services are also available and will mail you coupons for a small handling fee.

  • Know The Coupon Policies

Every store has their own policy when it comes to coupons. Some stores limit the number of like coupons, (for example: only being able to use 4 coupons on 4 tubes of toothpaste of the same brand), some stores let you stack their store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons for even bigger savings. There are drugstores that give you coupons when you buy certain products and these coupons can be used on your next purchase at that store.

  • Using Coupons Wisely

Check your area and see if any local stores will double coupons. This is a great way to save money. If the store has cookie mix on sale for a dollar and you have a coupon for .40, when it is doubled, the cookie mix will only cost .20 plus tax.

Check the Sunday ads to match your coupons with the sales. Manufacturers often issue coupons to match the store sales. Make a list of items and coupons before you go shopping. Sales often run in cycles about every three months so try to have a stockpile that will last you until the next sale. Once you begin couponing, you start to see the cycles and have a better idea of when products go on sale.

  • Track Your Savings

To get an idea of how much money you are saving with coupons, keep your receipts for a month and total up the dollar amount of coupons you have used during the month. You might be pleasantly surprised by the amount!

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Time Management – TIps to Manage Your Time

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If a day of work leaves you with nothing but a completely updated social media presence, then it may help to improve your time management and prioritizing skills. Better use of time will transform your productivity.

While there are many approaches to improving time management, using a schedule is one of the most effective. Schedules allow you to visualize quickly what needs to be done, and remind you to stay focused on the most important tasks.

Ideally you’ll set aside time at the beginning of each day to schedule. A custom calendar, electronic planner or paper planner all work well for keeping schedules. Often writing an intial task list out on paper works best even if you later transfer it to an electronic calendar or planner.

First, put time-sensitive items on the schedule. This includes items like meetings, lunches, and car pool appointments. Then make a list of all the tasks that you would like to accomplish in the day. At this point, be generous and optimistic. List everything that you think you need to do or would like to do.

The next task is prioritizing. Look at your list and carefully determine which tasks must be completed today, regardless of what else you do. Mark these tasks with a “1″ or an “A” to show their top priority. Then indicate on your list the order in which you will work on those tasks. After marking the top group, move to the second most important group, and continue down the list. An easier way to do this is to find yourself a reliable work schedule maker. These will help you keep track of all of the things you need to do in either a simple app or webpage.

There will often be tasks that must be started today, but can’t be finished without jeopardizing the completion of other priorities. For those tasks, set a limit on the amount of time you will spend working on them before moving on. At the bottom of the list put things that would be nice to get to, but could be done at another time.

If it is important to you to take time to exercise, meditate, read or spend time with a family member, be sure to put that item as an “A” or “1″ priority, and schedule it into your calendar first so that the things that are most important to you are the things you spend your time on.

Using a schedule and a prioritized task list will help keep you focused on what is most important, help you manage your time and add to your daily productivity.

Another way to manager your time is to find a personal assistant. Having an assistant is a great way to help you organized your day and free up small tasks. a quick search for example “personal assistants san francisco” can find you a great assistant or you find an agency that will provide you with a professional assistant.

Overall when you manage your time you will be more productive and feel less stressed throughout your day.

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Cash Back Credit Cards – Obtaining the Most Beneficial Terms

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Having a credit card can make things like online shopping and buying plane tickets convenient. They are also useful in emergencies and many credit card shoppers are enticed by rewards cards. There are rewards cards that offer everything from exotic vacations, to vehicle maintenance, but the most popular type of rewards card is the cash back credit card. When choosing a cash back rewards card, it is important to study the options and choose the one that would be most beneficial to your individual spending habits.

There are a few things that matter to all potential credit card customers. These are terms such as: interest rate, annual fees, and the percentage of cash back that is offered. Usually the cash back is a percentage based on purchases, but many cards have tiered rates depending on the type of purchase. For instance, some cards will offer 1% on all purchases and 3% on travel. Certain cards will offer a larger percentage on gas purchases and less on other purchases. The best way to decide which card is the best for you is to do the math, after all, math doesn’t lie.

Based on your spending habits and some basic math, you can easily decide which card will save you the most money. Just keep in mind that most cash back rewards will be eaten up by interest charged on your purchases. So, if saving money with your rewards card is your goal, then pay off your balance every month. Also, choose a card that doesn’t charge interest, until after the first 30 days of a purchase.

Once you have found a card with the lowest APR, and no annual fee, and you have a conservative spending plan. You can focus on which rewards card will suit you best. Decide what you spend the most on and get a card that offers the largest percentage on that purchase. Often times, business credit cards can be used to leverage the most cash back rewards, because large purchases on gas or supplies are often required for businesses. If the large purchases are paid off each month, then using the card can actually save 2 or 3 percent, or whatever the cash back rate is.

Regular consumers can also take advantage of rewards savings, by getting the largest cash back percentage and then paying most expenses with the rewards card. Just make sure to pay it off monthly to avoid interest charges. Cash back credit cards can be a great way to save a little on purchases and expenses, as long as smart planning and discipline are part of the spending plan.

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After-Christmas Sales Mean Great Deals

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Great sales do not only happen before Christmas Day. In fact, there are plenty of after-Christmas sales to take advantage of. Shoppers should definitely check out the after-Christmas sales and see what items they can find.

Here are just a few items you should look for when you check out the after-Christmas sales.

Christmas Gifts
Those who like to shop early should start during the sales after Christmas. Many gifts that were not sold during the Christmas sale will be marked down after the holidays have ended. If you see anything that would fit a loved one, pick it up and store it away until next Christmas. What a great way to get a head start and budget! You can also use the gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and other gift-giving occasions.  One of the hottest gift trends right now are green gifts.  Green gifts are eco friendly gifts and will be selling like crazy during this holiday season.  With the “go green” movement gaining popularity, make sure to get the environmentally conscious person in your family a green gift for the holidays.

Items For Yourself
Checking out the sales is a great way to treat yourself to something nice! This can range from electronics to bath and body sets. If there was something you wanted for Christmas and did not get, see if you can find it during one of the sales. Buy yourself something nice without spending too much.

Holiday Decorations
The end of the holiday season means sales on Christmas decorations retailers want to get rid of. While you are checking for gifts during the sales, look through the decorations as well. You can easily replace a decoration or buy something new for the next season.

Apparel For Winter
When the Christmas season ends, retailers start to think about the next season. This means the winter apparel will start to go on sale. There will still be many cold days before the spring season begins, so take full advantage of this sale. Stock up on apparel for this winter and the next winter season.

Christmas Cards
Mailing out a dozen Christmas cards can become a little pricey. You are paying for the cards and stamps. While you are out shopping after Christmas, see if there are any Christmas cards on sale. Pick up a box and store it away until the next Christmas season. Next year, you will only have to pay for the stamps to mail out the cards.

If you want to take advantage of these sales, be sure to go shopping the week right after Christmas. The sales will not last forever and you don’t want to miss out on some great deals!