If a day of work leaves you with nothing but a completely updated social media presence, then it may help to improve your time management and prioritizing skills. Better use of time will transform your productivity.

While there are many approaches to improving time management, using a schedule is one of the most effective. Schedules allow you to visualize quickly what needs to be done, and remind you to stay focused on the most important tasks.

Ideally you’ll set aside time at the beginning of each day to schedule. A custom calendar, electronic planner or paper planner all work well for keeping schedules. Often writing an intial task list out on paper works best even if you later transfer it to an electronic calendar or planner.

First, put time-sensitive items on the schedule. This includes items like meetings, lunches, and car pool appointments. Then make a list of all the tasks that you would like to accomplish in the day. At this point, be generous and optimistic. List everything that you think you need to do or would like to do.

The next task is prioritizing. Look at your list and carefully determine which tasks must be completed today, regardless of what else you do. Mark these tasks with a “1″ or an “A” to show their top priority. Then indicate on your list the order in which you will work on those tasks. After marking the top group, move to the second most important group, and continue down the list. An easier way to do this is to find yourself a reliable work schedule maker. These will help you keep track of all of the things you need to do in either a simple app or webpage.

There will often be tasks that must be started today, but can’t be finished without jeopardizing the completion of other priorities. For those tasks, set a limit on the amount of time you will spend working on them before moving on. At the bottom of the list put things that would be nice to get to, but could be done at another time.

If it is important to you to take time to exercise, meditate, read or spend time with a family member, be sure to put that item as an “A” or “1″ priority, and schedule it into your calendar first so that the things that are most important to you are the things you spend your time on.

Using a schedule and a prioritized task list will help keep you focused on what is most important, help you manage your time and add to your daily productivity.

Another way to manager your time is to find a personal assistant. Having an assistant is a great way to help you organized your day and free up small tasks. a quick search for example “personal assistants san francisco” can find you a great assistant or you find an agency that will provide you with a professional assistant.

Overall when you manage your time you will be more productive and feel less stressed throughout your day.

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